The upside of downsizing … and 5 tips to make the move easier for retirees

Fabulous new retirement resorts have made downsizing something to cherish, rather than dread, for many retirees. There is still a lot of emotion, nevertheless, around the thought of moving out of the family home. There are also the practicalities: finding the right retirement living option; sorting through household items and family treasures; and negotiating the sale and purchase of properties. Following these simple tips will help ensure the change is as stress-free as possible and create a path for an exciting new phase of life.

Retirement living – how to make the connections that count

Many people quite rightly pride themselves on having a wide social circle. Getting together with friends for dinners and debates. Embracing family members on special occasions. Joining peers for an important function.

Such events are often the most important (and anticipated) things we do and, indeed, they often define us.

How it works – the costs of retirement living

There is an understandable degree of concern and confusion about the costs associated with moving into a retirement community. The financial arrangements can be complex and the models vary from facility to facility.

Here is a guide that will help you understand some of the key factors that come into play and what costs to factor in.

Top 10 Questions to ask your Sales Manager

So you’ve found a unit in a retirement living complex that you love? Great!

Before you go any further, though, you need to make sure you are thinking with your head and your heart. When you set up an appointment with a sales manager at the complex to discuss your future home, think about the key questions to which you need answers.

Why health is the best gift you can give yourself

One of the most amazing people I know is 79 years of age. There are many reasons why she is remarkable, but her glowing health is perhaps the most obvious.

Everywhere she goes, she receives compliments on how good she looks, how active she is and how she never seems to age like others. As we all know, genetics and environment do play a part in the state of our health, but there are also lifestyle factors that an individual can control.

Why Retirement Living is good for you

As a growing number of Australians consider their lifestyle options as they mature, many are discovering the benefits of modern retirement living. Here are some of the positives.