Casino Fun and Games?

You’d Bet-Ter Believe It.

The Casino Royale was a much-anticipated event, having been held successfully in 2015. So it’s not surprising that our residents enjoyed our latest casino night at The Henley.

Organised by the Social Committee with the support from Samantha and overseen by fun-loving host Peter, residents tried their hand at blackjack and roulette and enjoyed canapes and drinks. Residents joined in with about $100 of ‘play money’ each and used their winnings at the end of the evening to bid on prizes in the fun auction. There was a twist with the prizes, though. What looked like a large bottle of Moët turned out to be a very, very small sample bottle, and what appeared like the promo for
an island holiday turned out to be nothing more than a calendar with photos of an island! (Not to worry, at least the winner gets to use it for 12 months.)

Clearly, our residents enjoyed the night of chance – they have requested another casino night!

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