Opera Night Brings The House Down

You don’t always see people bopping around during a night at the opera – but then again this is The Henley. Accomplished opera singers Meg Kiddle and Simone Nicole belted out “opera with a twist” at A Musical Fanfare.
The night featured classic and modern songs and duets about love and life.

The light-hearted take on the popular musical genre featured a first half of more classical opera, with the second bracket highlighting the contemporary feel of musical theatre and operetta duets and solos. It obviously had the desired effect on residents, with some getting up to have a dance.

The music moved residents in different ways.

At one point, Lifestyle and Wellness Coordinator Samantha Hearn noticed one resident who was quite upset and lent a shoulder for him to cry on. It turns out that one of the songs was his late wife’s favourite.

“So it was an emotional night, but it was still nice for him to make that connection,” she says.

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