"I believe I am going to have the happiest years of my life here."

After retiring about two years ago and opting to downsize, Dallas made a quick checklist for her new home. Water views and security? Yes please. House maintenance and long drives to shops and events? No thanks.

“I also realised that this needed to be a final move of home, so I needed to think this through very carefully,” Dallas recalls.

Walking into The Henley on Broadwater to be greeted by stunning ocean views and friendly owners and salespeople, she knew it was the perfect spot.

“And they told me that I was able to bring my little dog to live with me in a beautiful apartment with the most wonderful views of the Broadwater from my own balcony,” Dallas says. “My family often remark now that I have never looked happier, having found a place to live that meets all of my requirements.”

For Dallas, a central location near great restaurants, shops and the fabulous Broadwater Parklands complements on-site amenities such as a heated pool, a movie theatre and indoor and outdoor entertainment areas.

“There is as much or as little to do as you want here as an activities co-ordinator ensures there are lots of social activities and outings organised each month,” Dallas says.

She can also sleep safely and soundly at night, too, in a secure site. Best of all, Dallas has found a home for life at The Henley.

“Knowing that I never have to move again and that I will have all the care I could possibly need gives me a real sense of security and peace for the future.”

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