"Moving into The Henley was the best thing we ever did."

Judith and Karl seemed to be living the dream in their idyllic canal home in Broadbeach Waters. The reality was quite different. Constant pool maintenance; frond disposal; ant invasions; cleaning of white tiles; and electrical breakdowns – the list goes on.

So when they received a brochure about The Henley in the mail they quickly made an appointment for an inspection and realised they had found a great option for their twilight years.

“Lo and behold – here was the perfect answer to our prayers,” Karl says. “Our very own apartment with our very own ‘stuff’ around us. What more could one ask for?”

With outstanding views from their 12th-floor apartment, Judith and Karl are now truly living the dream – and have peace of mind, too.

“The amenities here are great,” Judith says. “The staff are fantastic. We see many nursing staff from time to time, but as yet have not had to avail ourselves of this service. Knowing that every wish or need will be fulfilled for the time we are here is very comforting.”

Comfortable with the deferred management fee at The Henley and content with their new, affordable home, Judith and Karl are loving the flexible and safe lifestyle The Henley offers.

“One only has to shut the door to go on holidays and have no worries about security or mail or rubbish bins being brought in,” Karl says.
His advice for others? “Move in, relax and enjoy.”

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