Spotlight on Staff: Mark – Resort Manager

Mark Fuller has worked intensively in the retirement living sector for the past decade, but he has never seen anything quite like The Henley on Broadwater.

Mark attributes the unique nature of the site to its development as a ‘vertical’, or multi-storey, retirement resort. Most retirement villages are built on one level, with units and other facilities spread out.

“This is an entirely new concept for me,” he says. “Because it’s vertical The Henley is such a vibrant environment for residents because they bump into each other in the lifts and they see each other all the time, whereas in my previous experiences with villages that never happened. And then, of course, there are the views!”

Mark formerly worked for seven years at the RetireAustralia retirement villages group in NSW across a range of sales and management positions. Those experiences taught him the importance of gaining the trust of residents.

“It’s the relationships you build with people that are the key,” he says. “We work in their homes, so trust is a big thing in this industry.”

A key element of building such a rapport, according to Mark, is the daily presence on site of The Henley’s owners Patrick Smith and Kris Ivey.

“I’ve never worked for a retirement company where the two owners are here on site with you nearly every day. You know that they’re here to make this place work and make the residents happy.”

After beginning his career in retail, Mark says he has a real affinity with the retirement lifestyle sector.

“I fell into this industry and just loved it.”

Mark says his goal is to ensure that the resort is a happy and fun community for retirees, with a full calendar of events the key to fulfilling that goal. “We just want the place humming.”

Part of the job he enjoys is connecting with residents and meeting their needs.

“They are like family,” Mark says. “I mean, we are here every day so we see them more than our families sometimes.”

With The Henley apartments enjoying sweeping views of the coast and the buzz around the looming 2018 Commonwealth Games energising the Gold Coast, Mark believes residents at The Henley are in the perfect spot to enjoy their retirement.

“Just walking on to their balconies, they’ve got a ticket to the Games.”